Safety Tips

General Tips:

  • Once in the house, theives do just what you do when you come home: They head for the bedroom. That’s where most of us keep our valubles. A jewelry box on top of the dresser is pratically a homing signal. But, they also know your “clever” hiding places: dresser drawers, the freezer, under the mattress or the cookie jar!

  • They’re after cash and small, easy-to-carry things they can turn into cash – quickly. Jewelry, silver, cameras. But taking bulky items doesn’t scare these crooks off either – TVs, VCRs, and stereos get their attention too.

  • Most people don’t install security systems until 2 to 4 years after they move in. Burglars know this, and your chances of a break-in are highest right after you move.

  • Buying decals and lawn signs instead of a security system won’t work. Experienced burglars know the difference.

  • Contrary to popular belief, burglars don’t often break in at night. Their favorite hours are 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – when you’re at work and your kids are at school.

  • Burglars spend less than 1 minute trying to break in, but take 30-45 minutes to choose their target. Often they’ll pick a familiar neighborhood or a secluded home close to a main street.

  • Burglars don’t want to work hard to get in. Believe it or not – their favorite entrance is the front door. Nearly half break-in through the front door, 32% choose the back door, and 22% enter through the first floor window. The rest break-in through the garage, basement or second floor window.

Tips For Selecting A Company:

  • Contact the ESA of Indiana for a list of member companies in your area. Members agree to maintain a high level of conduct under a National Code of Ethics and render services at the highest level of quality.

  • Call several companies. Ask them if their employees are trained and/or certified by the ESA.

  • Ask if they have appropriate state and/or local licenses, if required. Ask if they screen employees before hiring.

  • Narrow the field to 3 or 4 companies. Ask for the name of the person who will call you. Plan the appointment when all members of the household are present.

  • When the security professional visits, ask to see company identification.

  • Ask for an inspection, demonstration and a quote in writing. Ask for references.

  • Study the contract to ensure you know exactly what protection you’re getting for you investment. Consider the merits of leasing versus buying the system.

Home Safety Checklist:

  • Keep an eye on your neighbor’s houses. Ask them to watch yours. Get involved with your neighborhood watch group.

  • If you think someone is inside your home, don’t go in. Call the police. If you do face a burglar, don’t be a hero. Your life matters more than your property!

  • When on vacation, make intruders think you’re home. Park a car outside, turn the telephone ringers down. Constant ringing indicates an unoccupied house.

  • Leave some lights on inside and out. Turn on the stereo or TV.

  • Cancel the newspaper and other deliveries. Have a neighbor pick up mail and empty garbage cans. Don’t leave notes.

  • Lock all doors and windows and lock the garage door.